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Solar PV Maintenance Package prices start from £89 per year – Preventing problems before they arise are best practices to maximise efficiency. Keep your panels generating as they should do with an annual service.
Harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home saves both money and precious energy reserves, a malfunctioning solar panel system will negate all this good work and more. With no need for complicated wiring or external power sources, solar panels systems are normally quick and easy to repair.

When they do malfunction, however, it’s normally down to only a handful of reasons. Either, a faulty solar panel, inverter, cabling, connections etc. all need swift attention.

A solar panel system is only cost-effective when it’s running at maximum efficiency, and like all solar panel customers, you want to see the quickest return from your PV investment through expected revenue and energy cost savings.

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Solar panel system repairs

It is unlikely that a solar panel will have to be repaired. It is more likely that the inverter or other parts of the system will need to be repaired over time. If there is an issue with the inverter, generation meter or you notice any cables are damaged, it would be classed as an electrical problem. As such, you should only allow a qualified electrician, with solar PV experience, to assess and repair any damage.

It is not advisable to attempt to fix the problem yourself if you are not qualified to do so. Not only will it be potentially very dangerous but you could also void your warranty agreement. Most warranties and solar panel contracts state that only qualified professionals should attempt to fix the system in order for you to remain within the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Breakdowns and what to look for

  • The main PV breaker (fuse switch) trips out occasionally at maximum generation
  • The red light on the generation meter is permanently on during daylight hours only
  • The generation meter has a blank screen
  • An obvious fault has occurred – for example an inverter has stopped working, or a panel has been broken or is damaged
  • Noticeable loss in generation production

Pesky Pidgeon’s

Are you suffering from unwanted intruders under your Solar Panel spaces? We can help by fitting a wire mesh under your solar array to keep the pesky blighters out. The damage they cause can affect your solar panel investment so why wait?

Prices available on request.

Snow Guards

Snow guards. Prices available on request.

Cleaning Services

Please see our Cleaning Page. Prices available on request.

Roof Inspection

Leaking roof. Prices available on request.